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Nicholas Winton runs gohht.com and is an independent Toronto-based stock researcher and forecaster. His objective is to identify resource companies that have a high degree of upside or downside potential within specified time frames. To build his forecasts, Nicholas analyzes stocks and commodities using his proprietary forecasting tools. The key driver of his process are "Alpha Signals" which generate a window of time forecast when moves are anticipated to occur. Nicholas also uses sentiment and insider behaviour to further enhance his selection and decision-making process.
Through Hedgehogtrader.com Nicholas publishes a number of resource advisory newsletters available by subscription including his flagship publication, Hedgehog Trader Newsletter and his micro-cap newsletter Hedgehog High Roller. Nicholas provides custom consulting work for investment funds and high net-worth individuals pursuing growth situations. You can follow Nicholas on twitter where he often posts comments on gold and silver along with market predictions.


INK Canadian Insider Index outpaces US markets, notches 19% gain in 6 weeks

Nicholas Winton
Mon, 12/14/2020 12:58

Thank you for joining us in a weekly technical look at the mid-cap oriented INK Canadian Insider (CIN) Index. Last week, the Index rose a modest 2.06 points to 1266.92, adding 0.2% to bring total gains over the past 6 weeks to 19%.

Our long-term momentum indicator, MACD, fell 3 points to -2.23 and our short-term momentum indicator, RSI, dipped 2.7 points to 76.41. Support is at 1250 and 1238. Resistance is at 1283.83 (upper Bollinger band) and 1273.

INK Canadian Insider Index soars 11% in two weeks

Nicholas Winton
Mon, 11/16/2020 12:45

Thank you for joining us in a weekly technical look at the mid-cap oriented INK Canadian Insider (CIN) Index which is used by the Horizons Cdn Insider Index (HII).  Last week, the INK CIN rocketed another 47.29 points, or 4.2%, to close at 1169.65. In the past two weeks, the Index has melted up over 118 points and 11%.

Our short-term momentum indicator, RSI doubled its prior week's move and soared 8.45 points to 70.06. MACD nearly doubled, rising 4.81 points to 9.70. Both MACD and RSI are at their highest levels in many months.

Support is now at 1118 and 1108 (lower Bollinger band). Resistance is at 1170 and 1180.

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