Rooshine Products Available for Purchase in UK Markets

ORMOND BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2021 / Rooshine, Inc. (OTC PINK:RSAUD) ("Rooshine" or the "Company"), an importer, distributor and seller of premium alcoholic spirits, is thrilled to announce that two Rooshine Brand Spirits are now available for purchase to customers in England, Scotland and Wales. Rooshine First Mate Whisky and Rooshine Mutiny Spiced Rum can now be purchased at the following links:

Rooshine First Mate Blended Whisky | 70cl | 40% ABV

This unique blend of aged whisky has been held in premium French and American oak barrels and then finished in dark toasted oak Bourbon barrels to give a deep, rich flavor and a smoother finish.

Retailing for £59.00/$83.00

Rooshine Mutiny Spiced Rum | 70cl | 40% ABV:

This sophisticated blend of 3-5 year old rums from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, are blended in dark toasted oaks and spiced to perfection. This smooth rum is then laid down in Tennessee Bourbon barrels to give that extra richness and Caribbean flavor that you only get with time

Retailing for £49.00/$69.00

The Company has executed an agreement with Derbyshire Distillery in the Chesterfield England whereby Derbyshire will package Rooshine products and sell those packaged goods via Derbyshire's existing distributions channels, one of which is via its existing e-commerce platform. Additionally, the Company will provide Derbyshire with bespoke aged Whisky and Rum in bulk for their own brand, providing Rooshine with an additional source of revenue in the future.

The Company is also revamping its existing website to include its own e-commerce platform in an effort to enable penetration to markets outside of the UK. The new website will provide our customers and interested investors with more information on the Company's proprietary aging process, range of products in the queue for future release, and vision for the future. The new website is anticipated to launch the week of May 17, 2021.

About Rooshine, Inc.

The Company was formed under the laws of the State of Nevada in April 1998. The Company's business is the importation, distribution and sale of alcoholic spirits. Rooshine, Inc. was formed with the desire to produce high quality premium spirits infused with natural ingredients and no artificial additives. To that end, Rooshine, Inc. has partnered with International Spirits Vault, Ltd. to develop a patented proprietary method that leverages electromagnetic pulse technology to accelerate the aging process of the spirit while in the barrel. Unlike other accelerated maturation processes on the market, Rooshine, Inc does not denature the spirit through boiling or pressurization, but rather accelerates the natural aging process by expanding the surface area of the barrel through the use of electromagnetic pulses. Through the use of this process Rooshine is able to reduce the maturation process from years to a matter of days or weeks, while infusing the spirit with the essence of the barrel's conditioning. As a result of the enhanced speed and the fact that the accelerated aging process can occur in the barrel, Rooshine is able to cycle a single spirit through multiple barrel/wood combinations to develop unique flavors that would otherwise take decades or perhaps even centuries to produce.

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