This Week in Crypto: JPM, Tesla, BTC Options & More!!

May 04, 2021

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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
Cashless Society Dystopia
Coingecko Quarterly Crypto Report


0:00 Intro
1:18 Disclaimer
1:38 Satoshi’s Last Message
2:31 JP Morgan and Bitcoin
3:51 PayPal’s Bitcoin Demand
4:48 Tesla Sells Bitcoin
5:54 DOJ Ransomware Taskforce
7:26 EIB Bond On Ethereum
8:16 Cardano Ethiopia Partnership
9:28 Wyoming U Starts Staking
10:20 Mercado Libre Bitcoin Payments
11:10 Bitcoin Options Expiry
13:12 Crypto Market Analysis
15:33 Outro


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► Satoshi’s Final Message:
► JP Morgan Bitcoin Fund:
► PayPal Bitcoin Demand:
► Tesla Sells Bitcoin:
► DOJ Ransomware Taskforce Report:
► European Investment Bank Digital Bond On Ethereum:
► Cardano Ethiopia Partnership:
► Wyoming University Staking Cryptocurrencies:
► Mercado Libre Cryptocurrency Payments:
► Bitcoin Options Expiry:


Satoshi’s Last Message

On April 26th 2011, Satoshi Nakamoto sent out his last message to fellow Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen

JP Morgan and Bitcoin

No timeline has been set for when JP Morgan will be making a Bitcoin product available to its accredited investors, but it appears that this investment will be more direct as NYDIG is noted as the custodian

PayPal’s Bitcoin Demand

Ever since it began offering the service earlier this year, PayPal has been buying up more than 70% of all newly mined BTC

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman noted in an interview last week that this demand continues to grow

Tesla Sells Bitcoin

According to technoking CEO Elon Musk, Tesla sold 10% of its BTC holdings to ‘prove liquidity’; they wanted to prove to themselves and to shareholders that they can easily convert large amounts of BTC into cash

DOJ Ransomware Taskforce

Last Thursday the DOJ’s recently formed Ransomware Task Force published a report that calls for global cooperation on enforcing KYC and AML rules on all cryptocurrency related services and a ban on Bitcoin mixers

EIB Bond On Ethereum

The bond was purchased by three mega banks including Goldman Sachs and will be settled on the 28th of April in 2023

Cardano Ethiopia Partnership

Cardano’s ‘Atala Prism’ enterprise digital identity solution will be rolled out in over 3 and a half thousand Ethiopian schools to store the educational performance of over five million students

Wyoming U Starts Staking

Given Cardano’s close relationship with the University of Wyoming, it is likely that ADA will be one of the cryptocurrencies they will be staking

Mercado Libre Bitcoin Payments

You can now buy over 75 real estate properties in Argentina using Bitcoin through Mercado Libre’s online marketplace

Bitcoin Options Expiry

Bitcoin option expiries have resulted in a fairly predictable monthly price pattern for Bitcoin which begins with a rally and ends with a small dip

Crypto Market Analysis

Bitcoin dominance seems to have bottomed out at around 48 percent, which could mean a dry week for altcoins if this trend continues

If Bitcoin dominance starts to rebound, a momentum reversal from alts back into BTC could be enough to push BTC to new all-time highs.



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