A Profit Recession Is Coming, An End To Inflation Is Not | Vincent Deluard

June 23, 2022

In the spring of 2020, the idea that the world would see persistent inflation was laughed at. No one is laughing now.

Vincent Deluard, head of global macro at StoneX, is one of the few macro analysts who foresaw this inflationary spiral to its full extent. He returns to Forward Guidance to explain how in the next leg of this inflationary saga, corporate profits will plummet as unemployment remains low and inflation fails to return to normal levels. Deluard shares several trade ideas and argues that the bear market has only just begun.
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00:00 Introduction
04:41 Reflecting On Inflation Projections
19:35 The Reverse Wealth Effect
24:05 Attributing Inflation As The Cause of Asset Prices Deflating
29:20 Looking at Economic Trends
35:02 Bit.com Ad
35:32 Companies Investors Should Take Caution
40:10 Financing Equity via IPOs and Specs
42:50 Disruptions Caused By Millennial Lifestyle Companies
46:50 Zombie Companies
48:45 The Big Tech Companies
53:17 Outlook on Inflation Over the Next Year
59:00 Yields and the Eurocurve
1:05:40 The Financial System Driving Behaviors
1:09:00 Inflation In Other Countries
1:14:20 The Five Inflation Trades
1:20:30 Japan And the BOJ
1:24:23 Vincent's Psychological Advice for the Market
1:30:04 The Grasshopper Analogy
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