Harmony: ONE To Watch!! Price Potential?!

November 23, 2021

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Essential Videos

First Harmony Video https://youtu.be/wARoB6CvQbQ
Second Harmony Video https://youtu.be/qRRRIMmgwbs
Technical Analysis Timeframes https://youtu.be/DW6sifXTJGA
Most Funded Crypto Projects https://youtu.be/nmQVO10Tl6s
Ethereum 2.0 https://youtu.be/NNa7bWQsC4M


️ Useful Links ️

► Harmony Tokenomics: https://blog.harmony.one/harmonys-new-tokenomics/
► Decentralized UBI: https://open.harmony.one/decentralized-basic-income-creating-wealth-with...
► Harmony 300m Ecosystem Fund: https://open.harmony.one/300m-on-bounties-grants-daos
► ONE Coin Vesting Schedule: https://messari.io/asset/harmony/profile/supply-schedule
► Harmony Official Roadmap: https://harmonyone.notion.site/Strategy-Roadmap-on-Adoption-6e5c5d6fcfbc...
► Harmony Community Governance Forum: https://talk.harmony.one/c/governance/33
► Harmony Governance Proposal Status: https://gov.harmony.one/#/staking-mainnet


0:00 Intro
1:35 Harmony Explained
4:52 Harmony Updates
7:31 ONE Coin Price Analysis
9:32 Harmony Roadmap
12:03 Ecosystem Roadmap
15:13 Community Roadmap
17:23 Harmony Concerns
20:01 Outro



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