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Real VisionAugust 19, 2022
Balaji's Network State
Raoul Pal finally welcomes Balaji Srinivasan for a long-in-the-making conversation about nation-states, the internet, the metaverse, cryptocurrency, and more… a lot more. You say you want a “deep dive”? Well, here are three hours of pure insight destined to be a Real Vision classic. Balaji and Raoul push us to think harder about and further into the future, not just to see what the world could be but also how we can shape what’s to come. The “network states” Balaji notes are already rising across the internet, and conditions are coiling in a way that makes proliferation of globalized communities aligned by shared mission and vision and organized by their own currencies virtually inevitable. And the final phase is recognition of a new form of nation-state. It’s at least as fascinating as it is mind-blowing, so profound you’ll need to set aside six hours to watch and absorb it. Recorded on August 11, 2022
Real VisionAugust 18, 2022
Who Is Buying Tech? (And Why?)
The Nasdaq Composite is leading the major U.S. equity indexes higher today, as investors step into a tech-stock dip amid the traditional late summer volume lull. At the top of today’s Daily Briefing, Real Vision’s Andreas Steno Larsen gets right to the point with Hedge Fund Telemetry founder Thomas Thornton: Who’s buying this tech dip? Scaling out from recent price action and a broader discussion of positioning, Andreas and Tommy talk about current economic data, including a decline in initial claims for unemployment benefits and an upside surprise from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s monthly manufacturing index for August. Andreas also asks Tommy about what looks like a pump-and-dump of Bed Bath & Beyond shares. And we hear from Rob Arnott about the risks of betting against bubbles. Watch the full video featuring Rob Arnott and Ash Bennington here:
Real VisionAugust 18, 2022
What Are They Smoking on Wall Street?
“What are they smoking?” is what smart-beta pioneer Rob Arnott wonders about Wall Street’s inflation forecasts through the end of 2022. In conversation with Real Vision’s Ash Bennington, Rob, the founder of Research Affiliates, makes the case for structurally higher inflation. He believes there’s a strong chance the Consumer Price Index could hit a fresh high before the year is out. He also thinks higher prices are going to stick, with the CPI printing materially higher through 2023 and into 2024. Rob talks about what the Federal Reserve can and can't do in such an environment, explains the real message the yield curve is sending (it’s not what you think), and identifies attractive areas of the market right now. As Rob puts it, “Successful investing isn’t hard, but it’s painful.” Recorded on August 12, 2022.

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