Insiders with influence

INK ResearchApril 07, 2021
Social media influencers are now a big business item. Today, INK Research looks at a Vancouver company this is helping influencers make the most out of the opportunities available on platforms like YouTube.
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INK ResearchMay 06, 2021
Exco Technologies short positions are cruising for a bruising
Exco Technologies (XTC) is turning out to be a case study on contrarian insider signals. Today, INK Research provides an update on the stock which it has been covering since Exco pulled out of its prolonged bear market in 2019.
INK ResearchMay 05, 2021
Mining insiders who are crafting a distinct business model
Today, INK Research looks at a gold producer which takes a different approach. The company buys ore from local producers and processes the ore at its own mill. It is now looking to expand from South America into Africa.
INK ResearchMay 05, 2021
INK Ultra Money Free: Insiders are in for the big win at Warke's Latin American copper play
Richard Warke is on another winning streak, this time with Solaris Resources (SLS). While the stock is up over 500% since its debut, insiders are playing for the big copper win. If you are ready to score in this inflation-driven market, join us today via or as we let the insiders guide us to opportunity.

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