Crypto-Backed High-Altitude Hydrogen Balloons Propel Newest Method of Near-Space Tourism

Crypto-Backed High-Altitude Hydrogen Balloons Propel Newest Method of Near-Space Tourism

AVA Space Promises Newest and Greenest Sub-Orbital Flights in Capsules Attached to High-Altitude Balloons

TĂLMACIU, Romania, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AVA Space today announced its plan for regular passenger travel to the edge of space in high-altitude hydrogen balloons. Its futuristically-styled balloons are safer than rockets and emit substantially fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. This new method of space tourism promises to revolutionize perceptions of what is possible in travel, exploration, and decentralized finance.

"Imagine rising 35km (21 miles) vertically into space over five hours, in the comfort of a secure and eco-friendly vessel," says Victor Palagniuc, Co-Founder and CEO at AVA Space.

AVA Space is powered by elegance and simplicity — prepared to challenge the status quo. Pioneered by Auguste Piccard in 1931, before eight others continued their development in subsequent decades, this smooth, comfortable, and non-polluting spaceflight technology comprises a pressurized capsule attached to a hydrogen balloon. While Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are bringing excitement to space tourism and paving the way, AVA Space is positioned to make passenger space travel something that the average person can enjoy.

The capsule is made of aluminum, which is light, durable, and reflects 95% of radiation. The glass has UV protection, which is indispensable outside the atmosphere. It has six seats for passengers, a toilet, a mini-bar, and Wi-Fi. The flight is smooth and pleasant with an average speed when ascending and descending of 17 km per hour. The journey lasts five hours, including one hour in which the balloon hovers at a 30 to 35 km altitude. When descending, the AVA balloon is followed by two helicopters that catch it from the air, in a net that is attached to between them. This aspect makes the flights flexible and accessible, without depending on the existence of a body of water or desert.

Investors can be part of the profitable future of space tourism enabling passengers to have the experience of a lifetime. AVA Space (AVA) Public Sale will take place on VinDAX Launchpad starting on September 30, 2021, 04:00 AM UTC. The goal is to reach $2.4 Million in funding in order to obtain the necessary liquidity for development. This fundraising period will be a six-week sprint, prior to initiation of the scientific and logistical sides of the project.

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