Cloudmark was interfering with our communications to some customers

Ted Dixon
Wed, 05/24/2023 23:09

Further to our earlier post Some email service providers are blocking INK emails, we have identified Cloudmark as the entity that was blocking INK Research email to some of our customers. Some of our community members using Bell, Shaw, and Videotron stopped receiving emails around May 17th. Some members with other email providers and corporate email servers may also have been impacted.

We hope this issue is once again in the process of being resolved. This is the second time we have asked Cloudmark to stop blocking our communications.

If you believe you may have been a victim of this situation, we encourage you to ask your email support group or provider to investigate if Cloudmark was responsible for your loss of email communications with us. This may help to minimize the chances to this happening again (if your support group tells you to tell INK to contact Cloudmark, we have already done that, now on two occasions).

Thank you to all our members who have already contacted their email providers to complain about the email service disruption. Email providers have a choice whether to employ Cloudmark and other similar services. Your feedback to them is important for them to understand the full consequences of their business decisions.

If your emails suddenly stop gain, let us know. You can also contact Cloudmark support here.


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